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Reflets et perspectives de la vie économique

2016/1 (Tome LV)

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The paper summarizes insights from research at LICOS over the past years. Recent research has been based on a combination of theory, historical research, longitudinal data, case studies, surveys, and RCTs to yield insights on how economic development occurs and on the role played by food security and other factors, such as social and human capital.
JEL Classifications: D02, I15, I18, N50, O10, Q18


  • economic development
  • food policy

Plan de l'article

  1. 1 - Introduction
  2. 2 - Food, Human Capital, and Economic Development
  3. 3 - Global Value Chains, Food Standards and Regulations
    1. 3.1 - Economics and Politics of Food Standards and Value Chains
    2. 3.2 - Historical Evidence from the Beer, Wine and Chocolate sectors
    3. 3.3 - EU Food Standards, Global Value Chains and Poverty Reduction

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