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Industrial Dynamics

Page 113 à 134

Innovation, Productivity Gains and the Evolution of Market Structure

Page 135 à 158

The Evolution of Geographic Structure in New Industries

Page 159 à 179

Innovation and Stock Prices: a Review of some Recent Work

New Directions in Productivity Analysis

Page 181 à 188

Introduction: New Directions in Productivity Analysis

Page 189 à 215

Information Technology and the G7 Economies

Page 217 à 233

Capital Obsolescence, Growth Accounting and Total Factor Productivity

Page 235 à 257

A Time to Sow, A Time to Reap for the European countries: A Macro-Econometric Glance at the RTD National Action Plans

Page 259 à 278

On Entry and Growth: Theory and Evidence

Page 279 à 302

The Effects of Subsidies on Investment: an Empirical Evaluation on ICT in Italy

Page 303 à 318

The Dynamics of Price Cost Margins: Evidence from UK Manufacturing

Page 319 à 349

Productivity and Market Selection of French Manufacturing Firms in the Nineties

Page 351 à 371

Productivity in Information Service Industries: a Panel Analysis of Japanese Firms

Page 373 à 397

Creative Destruction and the Measurement of Productivity Change

Page 7 à 7


Page 9 à 11

Introduction. Industrial Dynamics, Productivity and Growth

Industrial Dynamics

Page 87 à 112

Industrial Organization and the Organization of Industries: an American Perspective

Page 13 à 19

Introduction: What do we know about Industrial Dynamics?

Page 21 à 46

Innovation, Industrial Dynamics and Industry Evolution: Progress and the Research Agendas

Page 47 à 62

How Problems of Organisational Growth in Firms Affect Industry Entry and Exit

Page 63 à 85

On the Life Cycle of Knowledge Intensive Sectors

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Revue de l'OFCE 2006/5 (no 97 bis). 400 pages.
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