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Critique internationale

2005/2 (no 27)

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The Formation of the French Anti-Globalization Movement
Neither totally new nor simply the reconversion of existing organizations, the French anti-globalization movement is studied in this article from the perspective of four processes. The first is the transformation of French social movements during the 1990s due to the emergence of new organizations formed to fight against the increasing instability of French society. The second is the creation of various anti-globalization think tanks. The third is the definition of the frontiers separating the movement from political parties and trade unions. Last but not least is the question of the international image and impact of a movement still closely linked to the national context in which it is involved and acts.

Plan de l'article

  1. La reconfiguration de l’espace des mouvements sociaux
  2. Les appuis intellectuels de la critique altermondialiste
  3. La redéfinition des frontières
  4. Le passage à l’international
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