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Journal of Innovation Economics & Management

2014/3 (n°15)

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To determine the categories of environmental-friendly technology transfers from Japan to China, the patents applications in this field are considered as an appropriate tool. The Chinese technological environment and its indigenous innovation capabilities seem to favour the acquisition of new technologies. By using the Patstat database, this paper points out that technologies transferred from Japan mainly aim at reducing air pollution and at using solar and wind energies.
JEL codes: F64, Q55, O33

Key words

  • environmental-friendly technology
  • technology transfer
  • patent
  • China
  • Japan

Plan de l'article

  1. The Chinese context: a domestic environment necessary for technological absorption
    1. National system of innovation in China and FDI regulations: an incentive framework
    2. Quantitative indicators: a technological environment in China favouring the acquisition of foreign technologies
      1. R&D activities: indications on innovation inputs
      2. Patent publications: indications on innovation outputs
  2. Empirical analysis of technology transfers using patent data
    1. Methodologies
      1. Methodologies for data collection on environmental technology transfers
    2. Empirical analysis of technology transfers from patent data: results
      1. Methodology 1. Japanese environmental technologies patented in China
      2. Methodology 2. International patent families
  3. Conclusion

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