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Journal of Innovation Economics & Management

2014/3 (n°15)

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Article précédent Pages 171 - 187

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The initial idea concerning the title of this book goes back to several years ago. The co-editors of this volume, suggested independently – W.W. Gasparski in 1981 and T. Orel in 1989 – Designology as the name for a unified science of design. Fortunately the similarity of the concept was discovered by one of them who contacted the other and that is how the whole project started. On this project the...

Plan de l'article

  1. New Inquiries about the Design Knowledge
    1. Wojciech W. Gasparski, Tufan Orel (eds), 2014, Designology: Studies on Planning for Action, Praxiology Series, New Jersey, Transaction Publishers, 201p.
  2. The building of a “good society”. Towards an “open” economics
    1. What does a “good society” mean?
    2. Barriers and possible steps towards the building of a good society
    3. Towards an open economics

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