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Page 253 à 272

Introduction. Communiquer en URSS et en Europe socialiste

Page 273 à 290

Foreword. Communications and media in the USSR and Eastern Europe

Les communications entre le public et le privé / Communications between the public and the private sphere

Page 291 à 326

Stenography and the public sphere in modern Russia

Page 327 à 344

Letters to Stalin : Practices of Selection and Reaction

Page 345 à 370

Building the idea of the common good in people’s democracies

A Case Study of Communist Czechoslovakia in the 1950s
Page 371 à 400

“Dear television workers…”

TV Consumption and Political Communication in the Late Soviet Union*

Le défi des innovations techniques : Les transformations des systèmes de communication / The challenge of technological innovations: Transformations in communication systems

Page 401 à 428

The conflicted origins of soviet visual media

Painting, Photography, and Communication in Russia, 1925‑1932
Page 429 à 466


Визуальная революция шестидесятых
Page 467 à 494

La reconfiguration des réseaux de communication dans la nouvelle Ukraine d’après‑guerre (1944‑1952)

Page 495 à 516

Electronic battlefields, visions of progress and computer networks in state socialist poland

Média, informations et émotions / Media, news and emotions

Page 517 à 542

To flee or not to flee

The conflicting messages of Soviet wartime propaganda and the Holocaust, 1941
Page 543 à 570

The “soviet way of life” as a way of feeling

Emotion and Influence on Soviet Central Television in the Brezhnev Era
Page 571 à 598

The fog of stagnation

Explorations of Time and Affect in Late Soviet Animation

Fiche technique

Cahiers du monde russe 2015/2-3 (Vol. 56). 376 pages.
ISSN : 1252-6576
ISSN en ligne : 1777-5388
ISBN : 9782713224768
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