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Critique internationale

2014/1 (N° 62)

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Climate Change and Policy Effects : The Development of Renewable Energy in the Midi-Pyrénées In order to analyze the construction of regional-scale policies for fighting climate change, we have chosen to study windmill development, wood energy and solar power in the region of Midi-Pyrénées. More precisely, we study the interactions between public actors, local associations and renewable energy experts, the manner in which this interface has been institutionalized and what this process means in terms of knowledge acquisition among the actors involved. Theoretically, we seek to shed light on neo-institutionalist and sociology of science approaches. By drawing upon the “policy arrangements” framework of analysis, we show that three of the dimensions characterizing the policy arrangement of renewable energy – coalitions among actors, the distribution of resources and the legal framework – have gradually been modified. This has led to changes in a fourth dimension – that of dominant discourse. Finally, even if interactions between experts and local associations may play a decisive role in the initial phase of the construction of energy policies, public actors gradually succeed in bringing the implementation of these policies under their control. ?

Plan de l'article

  1. Considérations théoriques : de l’expertise dans les politiques publiques
  2. Cadre et méthode d’analyse
  3. Étude empirique
    1. L’assimilation discursive de nouvelles technologies
    2. L’expérience de la sphère sociale : condition sine qua non d’un second arrangement politique
    3. L’émergence d’un arrangement politique juxtaposé

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