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For the special issues marking the 20th anniversary of the Revue d'économie du développement on the theme “Development economics 20 years on”
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Sixty Years of Development Economics: What Have we Learned for Economic Development?

Page 21 à 34

Long-Term Series of Data and Development Economics

Page 35 à 49

Risk, Shocks and Development

Page 51 à 70

Industrial Policy Revisited: A New Structural Economics Perspective

Page 71 à 89

Credit Constraints, Collateral and Lending to the Poor

Page 91 à 107

Some Recent Developments on the Measurement of the Productive Performance: Application to the Moroccan Garment Sector

Page 109 à 137

Health and Development: A Circular Causality

Page 139 à 156

Exchange and Development

Page 157 à 184

Trade in a “Green Growth” Development Strategy

Issues and Challenges
Page 185 à 216

Savings from Natural Resource Revenues in Developing Countries: Principles and Policy Rules

Page 217 à 261

Aid Effectiveness for Poverty Reduction: Lessons from Cross‑country Analyses, with a Special Focus on Vulnerable Countries

Page 263 à 288

The Geo-Politics of Foreign Aid and Transnational Terrorism

Page 289 à 311

The (Lack of) Impact of Impact: Why Impact Evaluations Seldom Lead to Evidence-based Policymaking

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Revue d'économie du développement 2014/HS01 (Vol. 22). 324 pages.
ISSN : 1245-4060
ISSN en ligne : 1782-1517
ISBN : 9782804188832
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