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Page 1023 à 1049

Economic Development, Variety and Employment

Page 1051 à 1070

Structural Change in Innovative Activities in Four Leading Sectors

An Interpretation of the Stylized Facts
Page 1071 à 1097

Structural Changes in International Trade

Cause, Impact and Response
Page 1099 à 1125

Structural Change and Technology

A Long View
Page 1127 à 1144

The Twin Peaks in National Income

Parametric and Nonparametric Estimates
Page 1145 à 1169

A neo-Schumpeterian Approach to Why Growth Rates Differ

Page 1171 à 1190

Innovations horizontales et verticales, croissance et régimes technologiques

Page 1191 à 1214

Cumulative Causation and Evolutionary Micro-Founded Technical Change

On the Determinants of Growth rate Differences
Page 1215 à 1239

Productivity Slowdown and Resurgence

The Role of Capital Obsolescence
Page 1241 à 1263

Technological Shocks and the Conduct of Monetary Policy

Page 1265 à 1300

Strength of Market Forces and the Successful Emergence of Israel's Venture Capital Industry

Insights from a Policy-Led Case of Structural Change

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Revue économique 2004/6 (Vol. 55). 138 pages.
ISSN : 0035-2764
ISSN en ligne : 1950-6694
ISBN : 9782724629828
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