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Revue internationale de droit pénal

2008/3 (Vol. 79)

  • Pages : 264
  • ISBN : 9782749210087
  • DOI : 10.3917/ridp.793.0523
  • Éditeur : ERES

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1. Objectives


The International Review of Penal Law is the medium of the International Association of Penal Law. It is meant to be a scientific forum of reference contributing to the development of ideas, knowledge and practices in the field of penal sciences. Combining the international and comparative perspectives, the Review covers general theory and penal philosophy, general penal law, special penal law, criminal procedure and international penal law.


The Review is intended for academics, scientists and members of legal professions (judges, lawyers, government officials). It publishes articles on fundamental issues, chronicles and various informations. It also publishes the reports of conferences and symposia organized by the I.A.P.L. or the International Institute of Higher Studies in Criminal Sciences of Siracusa.


The Review comprises, in principle, two (double) issues, published in June (n°s 1-2) and December (n°s 3-4) of each year. Since 1999 the Review is also published on the web site of the International Association of Penal Law : http :// www. penal. org

2. Instructions to Authors


The Review welcomes original articles in English, French or Spahish together with a brief summary (700 characters maximum) of its content. Authors will specify their titles, occupations and institutional affiliations; they will also indicate their professional address. The manuscripts of the submitted papers are to be sent in electronic support. The text will typed double space and will not exceed 25 pages, bibliographical references included, i.e. 50.000 characters. Submitted articles shall not have been previously published in other periodicals or collective works and shall not be submitted to other periodicals simultaneously.


All articles sent to the Review are submitted, in view of their publication, to the Editorial Board.


Articles and reports can comprise either bibliographical footnotes or in-text references to a bibliography. According to the style, references will be presented in the following manner.

  • Bibliographical footnotes are announced in the body of the text using arabic numbers put in superscript following a continuous numbering. They are placed at the bottom of each page preceded by the corresponding number.

    In the case where a reference already cited is repeated, it shall mention op. cit., followed by the number corresponding to the note where it has been cited the first time. Whenever a footnote comprises a complete reference to a work or article, it must necessarily be presented in the following manner : a) for a book : initial of the first name in uppercase character; last name of the author in uppercase characters; title of the work in lowercase italic (or underlined) characters; place of publication; name of publisher; year of publication (if it happens to be a photocopied document, the title will not be underlined); b) for an article taken from a periodical : initial of the first name in uppercase character; last name of the author in uppercase characters; title of the article in lowercase roman characters (or not underlined); title of the periodical eventually abbreviated according to the international index; year of publication, part or volume number; issue number; pagination; c) for a contribution to a collective work : the same presentation as in the preceding case applies, except that the mention for the work cited is preceded by in.; d) for a collective work : the same presentation as for a book applies except that the name of the author is followed by (ed.).

  • In-text references to a bibliography are announced between brackets in the body of the text (or in the notes, if it is an internal reference to a note) in the following manner : the name of the author in lowercase characters; year of publication of the cited text; pagination if required. Ex. : (Beccaria, 1764, p. 25). Whenever the style of in-text references to a bibliography is used, the bibliography is included at the end of the text following the alphabetical order of the author and, in case where many references from one author are used, following the chronological order of publication. Do not number those references. Those are to be presented in the manner explained for the bibliographical footnotes above (cf. supra), except that the initial of the first name must follow the author's name and must be preceded by a comma.

    When an article is presented, the first and last page will be indicated (ex. : pp. 22-64).


Regarding references to legislations and jurisprudence, authors shall use the international reference method.

3. Correspondence


All correspondence regarding the editing of the Review must be addressed to the Secretariat of the International Review of Penal Law, P.O. Box 1146,64013 PAU Cedex (France). Via e-mail : rridp-pau@ infonie. fr


4. The opinions expressed in the Review are the sole responsibility of their authors and they do not engage the responsibility of the Editor of the Review or of its Editorial Board.

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  1. 1. Objectives
  2. 2. Instructions to Authors
  3. 3. Correspondence

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« International review of penal law », Revue internationale de droit pénal, 3/2008 (Vol. 79), p. 523-524.

DOI : 10.3917/ridp.793.0523

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