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The collective innovation process and the need for dynamic coordination: general presentation

Page 15 à 33

Industrial revolutions and the evolution of the firm's organization: an historical perspective

Page 35 à 61

Financial dimensions of transnational corporations, global value chain and technological innovation

Page 63 à 83

Firm dynamic governance of global innovation by means of flexible networks of connections

Page 85 à 104

The limits of top-down transfers within a multinational corporation: the need for knowledge hybridization

Page 105 à 124

An innovative organization in a context of ruptures: a french ict start-up idealtype

Page 125 à 146

A case study of a creative start-up: governance, communities and knowledge management

Page 147 à 169

Standard-setting capabilities in industrial automation: a collaborative process

Page 171 à 191

Between developmentalism and instrumentalization: the comeback of the producing state in Russia

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Journal of Innovation Economics & Management 2008/2 (n° 2). 196 pages.
ISSN en ligne : 2032-5355
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