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General presentation: financial innovation and the 2008 financial crisis

Page 9 à 23

Financial innovations, crises and regulation: some assessments

Page 25 à 48

The role of global imbalances as a cause of the current crisis

Page 49 à 76

Financial distress and banking regulation: what is different about Spain?

Page 77 à 93

The 2008 financial crisis and banking behavior in Brazil: the role of the prudential regulation

Page 95 à 122

European fiscal rules after the crisis

Page 123 à 146

Should online micro-lending be for profit or for philanthropy? DhanaX and Rang De

Page 147 à 161

Financing innovation: an historical approach

Page 163 à 180

The impact of exogenous information on stock value through the coloration concept: a test model

Page 181 à 192

Optimal licensing of a cost reducing innovation in a linear symmetric model

Fiche technique

Journal of Innovation Economics & Management 2010/2 (n° 6). 192 pages.
ISSN en ligne : 2032-5355
Lien : <>

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