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General presentation innovation processes: why institutions matter

Page 13 à 34

Has the strenthening of patent rights since 1990 fueled energy efficiency and innovation?

Page 35 à 61

Intellectual Property Rights, Interoperability and Compulsory Licensing: Merits and Limits of the European approach

Page 63 à 82

Innovation in services and sustainable development. Carbon Market on Landfills and Public Service Innovation

Page 83 à 102

The Paradoxes of Environmental Innovations: The Case of Green Chemistry

Page 103 à 137

Asymmetries and dynamic interactive capabilities in technology transfer between ONERA - the French Aerospace LabTM and SMEs

Page 139 à 161

Brand Value Building in Online Social Lending Startups

Page 163 à 181

New Technology-Based Firms and Venture Capital Policy in Nigeria

Page 183 à 197

Innovation in Tunisia: Empirical Analysis for Industrial Sector

Page 199 à 221

How innovation can offset deindustrialisation in an open trade context. Causal analysis for four countries: Chile, Mexico, Germany, France

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Journal of Innovation Economics & Management 2012/1 (n°9). 232 pages.
ISSN en ligne : 2032-5355
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