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General presentation

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The theory of the entrepreneur: from heroic to socialised entrepreneurship

Page 41 à 61

Innovation economics and the role of the innovative entrepreneur in economic theory

Page 63 à 81

Localization, innovation and entrepreneurship: an appraisal of the analytical impact of Marshall's notion of industrial atmosphere

Page 83 à 104

Proximity relationships and entrepreneurship: some reflections based on an applied case study

Page 105 à 120

Strategic scanning of small entrepreneurs: a pragmatic view

Page 121 à 141

Low-tech vs high-tech entrepreneurship: A study in France and Australia

Page 143 à 156

Social entrepreneur, social entrepreneurship and social enterprise: semantics and controversies

Page 157 à 175

Diversity as a motive for entrepreneurship?: The case of gender, culture and ethnicity

Page 177 à 181

Trends and comments

Sophie Boutillier - The long march of entrepreneurship research
Elias G. Carayannis - Creativity, invention, innovation and entrepreneurship

Fiche technique

Journal of Innovation Economics & Management 2014/2 (n°14). 190 pages.
ISSN en ligne : 2032-5355
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