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General presentation

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Invention, diffusion and linear models of innovation: the contribution of anthropology to a conceptual framework

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What does Innovation stand for? Review of a watchword in research policies

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How to improve Kline and Rosenberg's chain-linked model of innovation: building blocks and diagram-based languages

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New Insights into Innovation: The Business Model Approach and Chesbrough's Seminal Contribution to Open Innovation

Page 101 à 115

A few arguments in favor of a holistic approach to innovation in economics and management

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Improving understanding of the innovation process in innovation-oriented public-private partnerships

Page 145 à 169

Environmentally-friendly technology transfers from Japan to China: an empirical analysis using patent data

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Trends and comments

Tufan Orel - New inquiries about the design knowledge
Blandine Laperche - The building of a "good society". Towards an "open" economics

Fiche technique

Journal of Innovation Economics & Management 2014/3 (n°15). 196 pages.
ISSN en ligne : 2032-5355
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