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Technology, Science And Society: Norms, Cultures, and Institutions Matter

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Producing Innovations: A Low-Key Science Policy on Embryonic Stem Cells

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Herbert Hoover and the construction of modernity

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Between Innovation and Tradition: French Design Schools, their Historical Roots and their Innovation System

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Beyond the Competitiveness Framework? Models of Innovation Revisited

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The Science Shop Concept and its Implementation in a French University

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The Nuclear Safety Authority in France: A Dogma of “Independence” and Institutional Fragility

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Ex-Post Evaluation of the Impacts of the Science-Based Research and Innovation Program: A New Method Applied in the Case of Farmers’ Transition to Organic Production in the Camargue

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Elements of Technical Democracy

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Trends and comments

Global Science, Technology and Innovation
by Blandine Laperche
The Hot Topics in KM and Innovation
by Thierry Burger-Helmchen

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Journal of Innovation Economics & Management 2017/1 (n° 22). 192 pages.
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ISBN : 9782807391116
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