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Page 79 à 82

Introduction to Deconstructing Las Vegas

Page 83 à 99

The Modern Las Vegas Casino-Hotel: The Paradigmatic New Means of Consumption

Page 101 à 120

The Meanings and Messages of Las Vegas: The Present of our Future

Page 121 à 140

Understanding the “Imago” Las Vegas: Taking our Lead from Homer's Parable of the Oarsmen

Page 141 à 158

Safe Risk in Las Vegas

Page 159 à 174

Death in Vegas: Seduction, Kitsch, and Sacrifice

Page 175 à 183

Queering Las Vegas: Personal Experience Stories of Gay Men

Page 185 à 199

Archetypal Images at the Stardust Casino: Understanding Human Experience

Page 201 à 207

Las Vegas Striptease Spectacles: Organization Power over the Body

Page 209 à 216

Knowledge Gambles: Academic Casinos and Paradigmatic Roulettes

Page 217 à 227

Cinematic Re-Presentations of Las Vegas: Reality, Fiction and Compulsive Consumption

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M@n@gement 2001/3 (Vol. 4). 14 pages.
ISSN en ligne : 1286-4692
Lien : <>

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