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Page 69 à 72

Making Interorganizational Relationships Work: An Introduction

Page 73 à 88

To Which We Belong: Understanding Tradition in Inter-Organizational Relations

Page 89 à 104

Strategies of Cooperation: Control and Commitment in Mega-Projects

Page 105 à 122

Double Rule and Multiple Roles: A Structural Principle for Successful Interorganizational Collaboration

Page 123 à 143

Network-Based Organizing for Product Innovation: How Power Imbalances Matter

Page 145 à 165

A Transformational Lens On Supply Chain Partnerships

Page 167 à 191

Expérience du partenariat, expérience du partenaire, connivence interpersonnelle : quel impact sur la réussite du partenariat vertical ?

Page 193 à 215

Reti sociali, acquisizione di conoscenza e crescita estera delle start-ups : un'analisi empirica

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