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Page 535 à 546

The M@n@gement journey, spanning boundaries and navigating at the fringe

Page 566 à 578

Rethinking the concept of performance in strategy research: towards a performativity perspective

Page 574 à 592

Strategy-as-practice research at a crossroads

Page 579 à 592

Sociomateriality is ‘the New Black’: accomplishing repurposing, reinscripting and repairing in context

Page 593 à 604

Strategy and chronotopes: a Bakhtinian perspective on the construction of strategy narratives

Page 605 à 620

What is the corporation and why does it matter?

Page 621 à 635

The effects of liquefying place, time, and organizational boundaries on employee behavior: Lessons of classical sociology

Page 636 à 652

Behavioral theory of the firm: hopes for the past; lessons from the future

Page 653 à 666

Shooting the shit: the role of bullshit in organisations

Page 667 à 679

In praise of strategic indirection: an essay on the efficacy of oblique ways of responding

Page 680 à 696

Organizational bystanding: whistleblowing, watching the work go by or aiding and abetting?

Page 697 à 706

The excess-tail ratio: correcting journal impact factors for citation distributions

Page 707 à 718

Why and where do academics publish?

Page 719 à 731

Surprises: not just the spice of life but the source of knowledge

Page 732 à 738

In praise of beauty

Page 739 à 756

Academic Publishing: Past and Future

Fiche technique

M@n@gement 2013/5 (Vol. 16). 238 pages.
ISSN en ligne : 1286-4692
Lien : <>

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