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Page 194 à 204

A Note On The Evolution Of The French Management Scholarship, 1994-2014

Page 205 à 233

Resource Dependence and Power-Balancing Operations in Alliances: The Role of Market Redefinition Strategies

Page 234 à 253

Beyond The Business Case and Sustainable chain management: Why Do We Need to Build a Theory of Interfirm Social Responsability?

Page 254 à 260

L'étude historique du changement institutionnel sur longue période : Chaussetrappes et perspectives. Un commentaire sur l'article de Hélène Peton et Stéphan Pezé.

Page 261 à 265

Reflection on Historical Studies of Institutional Change: Small Steps Are Not Necessarily Missteps. A Rejoinder to Daudigeos, Boutinot And Jaumier.

Unplugged - "Carte blanche"

Page 266 à 282

Less Followership, Less Leadership? An Inquiry Into the Basic But Seemingly Forgotten Downsides of Leadership

Fiche technique

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