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The Role of Advisors and The Sequence of Their Actions in Sibling Team Succession

Unplugged - Book Reviews Special Forum: Around the Communicative Constitution of Organizations perspective

reviewed by  Consuelo Vásquez
Page 309 à 313

James R. TAYLOR & Elizabeth VAN EVERY (2014), When organization fails. Why authority matters, New York, NY: Routledge.

Paperback: 242 pages Publisher: Routledge (2014) Language: English ISBN: 978-0415741668
reviewed by  Robert McPhee
Page 314 à 320

François COOREN (2015), Organizational discourse, Cambridge: Polity Press.

Paperback: 224 pages Publisher: Polity (2015) Language: English ISBN: 978-0745654223

reviewed by  Yvonne Giordano
Page 321 à 328

François COOREN, Eero VAARA, Ann LANGLEY & Haridimos TSOUKAS (2014), Language and communication at work: Discourse, narrativity and organizing. Perspectives on Process Organization Studies, Oxford: Oxford University Press

Paperback: 376 pages Publisher: OxfordUniversity Press (2014) Language: English ISBN: 978-0198703082

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