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This issue collects a selection of contributed papers presented at the 14th International Congress of Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science in Nancy, July 2011. These papers were originally presented within two of the main sections of the Congress. They deal with general philosophy of science (including ethical and historical aspects of philosophy of science), and philosophy of biology, physics, chemistry and economics. A first volume of contributed papers, dedicated to logic, philosophy of mathematics and cognitive science, and philosophy of technology, appeared in the last issue of Philosophia Scientiæ (18-3), 2014.


Logic and Philosophy of Science in Nancy (II)

Page 5 à 7


Page 9 à 20

‪A New Role for Data in the Philosophy of Science‪

Page 21 à 34

‪From Malfunction to Mechanism‪

Page 35 à 43

‪Reason, Emotion, and the Context Distinction‪

Page 45 à 56

‪The Role of Values in Methodological Controversies: The Case of Risk Assessment‪

Page 57 à 70

‪Science-based Metaphysics: On Some Recent Anti-metaphysical Claims‪

Page 71 à 84

‪Theory Success: Some Evaluative Clues ‪

Page 85 à 98

‪Repositioning Realism‪

Page 99 à 113

‪Philosophy of Chemistry against Standard Scientific Realism and Anti-Realism‪

Page 115 à 126

‪On the Ontology of Linguistic Frameworks Toward a Comprehensive Version of Empiricism‪

Page 127 à 142

‪Quine’s Two Dogmas as a Criticism of Logical Empiricism ‪

Page 143 à 158

‪On A.A. Markov’s Attitude towards Brouwer’s Intuitionism‪

Page 159 à 174

‪The Fitness Landscape Metaphor: Dead but Not Gone‪

Page 175 à 184

‪Cartesian Forces in a Soulless Physics‪

Page 185 à 198

‪Exchanging Quantum Particles‪

Page 199 à 212

‪Truth as Contextual Correspondence in Quantum Mechanics‪

Page 213 à 225

‪Decisions without Sharp Probabilities‪


Page 229 à 250

‪Constantes logiques et décision‪

Page 251 à 269

‪Insaisissable Belle au bois dormant‪

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