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United States: What Does the World Expect of the “Indispensable Nation”?

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Russia Alone Forever? The Kremlin's Strategic Solitude

Page 35 à 49

Japan: What Power? What Strategies?

Page 51 à 64

China's Future Role in World Affairs: An Enigma?

Page 65 à 78

Post-Post-Colonial India: From Regional Power to Global Player

Page 79 à 91

Is the European Union Viable with 27 Members and More? From Market to Geopolitical Community

Page 93 à 108

Sub-Saharan Africa: Implosion or Take-Off?

Page 109 à 122

From Lebanon to Pakistan: A Crescent of Crisis Out of Control?

Page 123 à 139

Peace in the Middle East: The Dangers of Delay

Page 141 à 151

Global Governance: Mirage or Horizon?

Page 153 à 162

Globalization Needs Better Governance

Page 163 à 173

Energy and Climate: An Undeniable Need for Global Cooperation

Page 175 à 187

Towards a “Political Turn” in the Fight against Jihadist Terrorism

Page 189 à 202

The Regulation of Migration: A Global Challenge

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