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Actuel Marx

2015/2 (n° 58)


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Were some more equal than others? II- Forms of exploitation under primitive communism Following on from our earlier contribution (Actuel Marx no57), the present article tries to determine the presence of phenomena of exploitation within the subset of societies without classes, societies devoid therefore of the subsequent socioeconomic inequalities, and which we often qualify by the term “primitive communism”. The inquiry turns out to have a problematic nature, insofar as the testimonies available are often contradictory, while the objective elements of inquiry remain rare. The conclusion arrived at here is that if exploitation could not be totally absent in these societies, its magnitude remained a very limited one, especially if we relate it to the, sometimes very explicit forms of domination which these societies experienced. This manifest paradox must doubtless be interpreted as being characteristic of such wealthless societies.


  • inequalities
  • primitive communism
  • wealthless societies

Plan de l'article

  1. Jeunes et vieux
  2. Hommes ordinaires et détenteurs du savoir ésotérique
  3. Hommes-femmes : une répartition inégale du travail ?
  4. Hommes-femmes : un accès inégal à la nourriture ?
  5. Bilan

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