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Katja Bruisch, Klaus Gestwa, Translated from German by Bill Templer
Page 7 à 30

Expertise and the quest for rural modernization in the Russian empire and the Soviet Union

Igor Khristoforov, Translated from Russian by Christopher Gilley
Page 31 à 54

Blurred lines

Land surveying and the creation of landed property in nineteenth-century Russia
Page 55 à 80

Agrarian experts and social justice

Land allotment norms in revolution and Civil War, 1917-1920
Katja Bruisch, Translated from German by Bill Templer
Page 81 à 100

The soviet village revisited

Household farming and the changing image of socialism in the late Soviet period
Page 101 à 124

Sweet development

The sugar beet industry, agricultural societies and agrarian transformations in the Russian empire 1818-1913
Page 125 à 146

Engineering empire

Russian and foreign hydraulic experts in Central Asia, 1887-1917
Page 147 à 172

Privatiser l’agriculture en URSS

Économistes réformistes et pouvoir politique pendant la perestroïka
Page 173 à 190

In single file

Russian railroads and the Russian army as environmental protection agencies, 1858-1917
Stephan Merl, Translated from German by Bill Templer
Page 191 à 220

Why did the attempt under Stalin to increase agricultural productivity prove to be such a fundamental failure ?

On blocking the implementation of progress in agrarian technology (1929-1941)
Page 221 à 254

Wildscapes in Ballyhooland

Shock construction, Soviet colonization, and Stalinist governance
Page 255 à 256

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Cahiers du monde russe 2016/1 (Vol. 57). 264 pages.
ISSN : 1252-6576
ISSN en ligne : 1777-5388
ISBN : 9782713225406
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