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Critique internationale

2017/1 (N° 74)

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Europe’s Policeman or Leader? The Place of Morocco in the Regulative Dispositif of Euro-Mediterranean Migration Efforts to regulate international migration have resulted in a global architecture that seeks to incorporate states of origin and transit. As a country of origin, transit and destination, Morocco occupies a particular place in this architecture. Adopting a Foucauldian governmentality approach, the present article considers the latter as a dispositif meant to align state perception and action. Such an approach allows one to conceptualize the regulation of Euro-Mediterranean migration, not as a simple externalization of the demands of the European Union towards a third country, but rather as a neoliberal governmentality. This is reflected in a dispositif of the conduct of conduct, the cartography of which reveals a political rationality and governmental technologies that aim to transform states of origin and transit into responsible, self-disciplining partners. Studying this dispostif, however, also reveals that it is unstable and traversed by its partners’ reluctance and counter-conducts. ■

Plan de l'article

  1. Analyser le dispositif régulateur des migrations euro-méditerranéennes
  2. Former des États partenaires responsables et autodisciplinés
  3. La conduite des conduites des États par les technologies gouvernementales
    1. Les déclinaisons des technologies d’implication
      1. Les techniques organisationnelles
      2. Les techniques contractuelles et programmatiques
    2. Les déclinaisons des technologies de la performance
      1. Les techniques de suivi et d’évaluation
      2. Les techniques de comparaison
      3. Les techniques d’assistance
  4. Les contre-conduites
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